Design Flows, Services & Solutions

Design Rivers helps identify customers looking for unique differentiating solutions and packages solutions with a rich set of foundation and specialized IP in mainstream and advanced technology nodes while augmenting the IP with support for design customization.

Marketing Development

Design Rivers  puts together product and promotional marketing plans targeted for specific regions as a whole or for individual market segments or customers. This includes product road map identification, requirements analysis, market research and analysis, feasibility and cost analysis at the system, board, or chip level including documentation generation.

IP Enablement

Along with its IP and EDA partners Design Rivers provides enablement of key building blocks as part of overall design enablement. Discussions with customers on feature enhancement as well as feedback on existing product value and support provided.

Design-in of products and product partnering and participation in workflow creation to integrate the IP from tools and methodologies can be addressed.

Design Services

Design Rivers provides or promotes contract design services to help in analog design, synthesis, physical design, physical verification, validation and ESD testing including customer on-site support of joint designs and project management.

Other technical provided services are web presence enablement, blog and data sheet collateral creation, data base support and user defined metrics report generation.

Training Support

Design Rivers can sponsor and promote paid or free tutorial and training seminars in target technology or product training for internal company workshops or for public seminars.

Event planning and marketing management including securing logistics, handling registration and promotion can be handled by Design Rivers.